Diagram Of Thermocrown


Maximum pressure inside the system is controlled by one or more individual bi-directional pressure-sensitive valves. The availability of the alternative valves avoids the need to move the injured head to implement the cooling mechanism. Additional optional features of the BCS/SCCS include a visor, a face mask and hood which are attached to the ACH or NMH, and which, when combined, create a temperature barrier after the cooling system has been implemented, in order to permit the maintenance of therapeutic hypothermia.


An inflatable cooling collar made from a breathing elastic material, connected at the ends with Velcro and inflatable with the same canisters of high-pressure cooling gases, will be added to cool the blood-flow to the brain in the neck area.

Thermocrown™ (3D illustrations of device): similar to a “shower-cap” that can be placed on the head post-TBI or designed to be placed inside  helmets in a “dormant state”, similar to an airbag in a car, ready for manual activation. Both versions employ the same gas-cooled inflatable cooling chambers system.



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